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Bargain Sale Banner Big Sale Banner Buy Now Banner Hot Sale Banner

Grab these customised sales banners - perfect for enticing your customers to take advantage of your sweet deals!

To use the above sale banners, first you'll need to save them: just right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on a banner below, and select 'Save Image' to save it to your computer. (Or if you want to save yourself a few clicks, just drag them to your desktop, one by one.) They're .png files so they'll fit nicely over your product images!

If you want to hold a New Year Shop Sale but aren't sure how - it's easy! Check out our guide 'How to run a Sale in your Shop'. For more information on uploading custom banners such as those above, read our guide 'Using Custom Banners For Your Shop Sale'.

We hope you enjoy using this free graphic pack. Please share the campaign and these graphics across the world and even on your site if you like!


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