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Thinking of starting your own website? Not knowing the financial implications before getting going can be daunting, and if you’re a small business with a small budget, it’s reasonable to be cautious of the hidden costs that might accumulate as you start.

Not to fear! Don’t let your budget (or lack thereof) hold you back from starting your own website today. Here are some of the best ways to cut costs while still having a fantastic, professional website.


Why are you starting a website?

The first thing to think about when starting your website is to really assess what you want the website to do for you.  Do you want to build awareness of your brand, offer valuable information or a service, sell homemade or outsourced products?

Narrow your focus and really be honest with yourself about how much you want to gain from your website. There’s no point investing anything - be it your money, time or energy - if your goal isn’t to generate some sort of revenue in return, so have a clear idea in mind of what you want to gain from your website. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it well.

Here are some great tools to help you in the planning stages of your website - all completely free:

Learn to rely on yourself

You can pump as much money as you want into something - but it’s the idea and the passion behind it that will drive it through in the long run. A great way to save money is by learning to do the things you might feel you have to hire other people to do. You are your greatest resource! Coming up with a solid business idea that you can stay passionate about is a huge step in the right direction.

When it comes to learning the technical side of making a website, Create has got you covered. Not only do we make it as easy as possible for you to make a website (you don’t need any coding skills!), we also have a whole HelpCentre full of guides and tutorials on how to master anything from image manipulation to adding products.

With Create you can:

    • Customise your design with our range of themes

    • Make pages easily with our drag and drop page builder

    • Know your site is search engine friendly from the moment it goes live

    • Understand your website is safe and secure with full SSL encryption
      Easily add products and manage inventory if you’re selling online

    • Link up to your social media profiles and open a Facebook Shop
    • And so much more...

Get Started Today

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There are several things you need to take into consideration when creating your own website - make things easy for yourself! Have a look at our guide on everything you need to know about starting your website to help you tick all the boxes.

And if you really get stuck, your dedicated Account Manager is only an email away and is happy to answer any question you have. 

Content is king

More and more, online success begins with quality over quantity. Your time and experience Is all you need to create clean, high quality content, which will make all the difference.

    • Make sure you’re thorough and consistent across your site. Your images should work well together; for example by fitting with a colour scheme, or adhering to the mood of your site

    • You don’t need to spend loads of money on expensive camera equipment to get good images for your site.

    • Be meticulous with your written content too. Little things like capitalisation, or providing too much or too little information can affect the overall feel to your business. You want to offer an all-round high quality service.

    • Good spelling and grammar costs nothing! Get a friend to check through any writing you do.

    • Add fresh content regularly. Maintaining a blog is a great way to do this. It engages audiences from further afield via search engine traffic and builds trust in your brand.
    • Put aside some time each week to assess your content - how can it be improved? Is anything superfluous that isn’t functional or that doesn’t improve your site?

For more on creating great content, here are some great resources to help you on your way:

Free image resources

Sites like Unsplash and Pixabay offer a vast catalogue of free, high res images for you to use. They’re also great places to just browse for inspiration. Check out our list for more free stock image sites you can use to spice up your new website.

Screenshot of

Free fonts to use in graphics

Make your site unique with your choice of typeface. There are loads of places where you can get free fonts to incorporate into your site’s graphics. It’s easy to find great fonts for free - take a look at sites like HypeforType and BeHance

Screenshot of Northern Block free fonts

Free graphic makers

Sophisticated, eye-catching graphics can give your website that extra edge, and it’s easier than you think with all the free graphic makers out there. Create has its own range of free graphics for use on your site. There are loads of other free places for graphics; sites like have a vast range of templates for beautiful websites, and enjoy playing around with logo designs with - all for free!

Screenshot of design features

Inexpensive ways to get written content

High quality written content can be time-consuming and tricky to get right, but if it’s done well it can really boost the credibility of your website. If you want help with the written content on your site, there are loads of sites where you can find inexpensive freelance writers:

Screenshot of

These sites provide a place to find experienced freelance content writers for your chosen fee, some for as little as £5 per hour.
If you’re looking to save your cash and write your own content, great! Who better to write for your site than you! To ensure you can really showcase your expertise to the max, there are loads of great guides out there to get you started:

Other things to think about

There are lots of things to take into consideration when starting your own website. It can be overwhelming thinking about all the things you want to get on top of to really maximise its potential. Start small and make the most of all the great free trials for the services you might need a little help with. You’re not on your own, and thanks to the internet, there’s heaps of stuff out there to make the process run smoothly. For example:

Screenshot of

You can do it!

There’s lots of stuff to get your head around when making your own website, but you don’t have to master everything straight away. Make the most of all the fantastic free resources out there, apply your personality and expertise and, most importantly, give it time; you’ll soon be well on your way to an awesome website!

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