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Sale Banners logoIf you liked the shop buttons we offered up last week you'll be a fan of these stylish yet familiar 'sale' stickers (or banners). Add these to your discounted items when you hold a shop sale to give some pizzazz to your offers!

We've designed three sets in different colours and fonts, and added them here in .png file format so they all have a transparent background, meaning that you should be able to find one that fits with the style of your website.

To use these 'stickers', first you'll need to save them: just right-click on a sticker image, and select 'Save Image' to save it to your computer. (Or if you want to save yourself a few clicks, just drag them to your desktop, one by one.)

Sale Banners

For help with setting up a Shop Sale or adding custom banners like these stickers to your sale items, check out our guides at the Create HelpCentre: 'How to Run a Sale in your shop' and 'Using Custom Banners For Your Shop Sale'.


Blue Sale Badge 1
Blue Sale Badge 2
Red Sale Badge 1

Red Sale Badge 2

Yellow Sale Badge 1  Yellow Sale Badge 2 

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