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The post-Christmas period is very popular for promotional sales, as everyone's looking for a bargain to spend their Christmas money on! To help you sell and share your wares this month, we've got a large banner for you to use on your website when holding a New Year (or January) Sale.

January Sale Banner

Above is a preview of the banner for your home page. To see the full-size version, click here and save the image that appears in the new tab on your web browser.

There's also a small badge version for you to pop in your side column so that wherever your visitors go on your site, they'll be reminded about, and easily linked to, your sale! Just right click (or ctrl-click on Mac) the image below to save it to your computer for use on your website.

New Year Sale Badge

If you're not sure how to add images or links to your site just yet, check out our guides at the Create HelpCentre: 'How to Use Images On Your Website' and 'How do I make an image into a link?'.

How Do You Run Yours?

To find out how Create users are currently running their online sales, we asked the community to tell us what they do and how they promote their sales:

  • “I went with a 20% discount because I feel it's a good discount for customers; everyone needs a treat after Christmas! I use social media for promotion. I find I get the biggest responses from Facebook and interestingly also Pinterest - that surprised me!” - Lexie Rhodes,

  • “I tend to put seasonal goods on offer, then promote them on Facebook to try and direct people across to my website.” - Felicity Howarth,

  • “To celebrate same sex marriage happening on March 29th, 2014, we’ve discounted our advertising packages by 14%.” - JP Wilson,

  • “We have a discount running all month and so far it’s proved really popular. I send an email to my mailing list, promote it on Twitter and Facebook and add the info to the footer of dispatch notes.” - Louise Cox,

  • “I tend to put old stock on offer each Friday and hope to get it cleared before buying in new stock. I have a 'reduced' ashop category and I change it up each week. As for promotion I post on Twitter and Facebook pages!” - Debbie George,

  • “I am making reductions on all my nappies as part of my January sale with up to 20% off some products. I'll be promoting the sale via Facebook and Twitter and anywhere else that will let me.” - Becky Howard,

Are you running a January Sale? Let us know in the comment below!

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