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Facebook Shop iconEvery so often the folks at Facebook like to shake things up a bit for their users by reinventing the look of Facebook profiles. These never change how Facebook works, they just change how it looks, and most people find that the way they use Facebook doesn’t change at all.

As with most of the changes that Facebook makes, users will have to ‘like’ it or lump it, as the new format is not optional – on March 30th everyone will have to start using the Timeline format.

But there’s a lot to like! New aesthetic features of the Timeline format include the ability to add a large ‘cover photo’ at the top of the profile, and the rearranging of posts, events and milestones into chronological order, which makes full use of the available space on the page.

Facebook Timeline screenshot

Those of you who have extended your Create shop to Facebook will notice extra changes and added elements to Business Pages, including the ability to ‘pin’ highlighted stories like offers and important news to the top of your profile and a brand new Admin Panel (which you can hide by clicking ‘Hide’ in the top right hand corner).

You’ll probably notice that visitors are now always directed your Timeline first, even if you had previously it set to redirect them to your Create Facebook Shop page. This can’t be adjusted so it’s best to keep your Timeline as attractive and informative as possible. Pinning a story to the top of your Timeline, highlighting posts and responding to comments are good ways to ensure this.

Your Create Facebook Shop page will always be accessible from the row of apps beneath the cover photo, but you can still make sure that links from outside Facebook (eg. in emails and on your website) direct to the Create Facebook Shop Page first. Once you’ve started using Timeline, just adjust these links so they direct to the new Create Facebook Shop URL.

To set your cover photo hover your cursor over the large, long image and click on ‘Change Cover’. It’s best to pick a high-resolution image that fits the long space you have. Check out Mashable’s slideshow of how big brands use cover photos and HyperArts Blog’s gallery of cover photo creativity for inspiration (but please note that tutorial info in that last article relates to personal profiles only).

The new Timeline also enables you to post large photos and stories that span the width of the page – great if you’re posting a gallery of shiny new products! Just hover over the story and click the star button to ‘highlight’ it and make it stretch across the page. To undo this at any time, just click the star button again and the story will revert to its original size.

If you have any questions about the new Timeline format, or if you just want to show off your fancy new Facebook Timeline cover photo, leave a comment below. Watch this space for more hints and tips on how to get the best out of Facebook Timeline, and check out the other articles in this series using the links below.

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