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Facebook Shop is a brilliant, innovative way to increase your shop sales. The social network giant has over 800 million active users, that's 800 million potential new customers for you!

Please note: In order to link your Create Shop to your Facebook Business page, Facebook require that you have at least 2000 ‘likes’ / ‘fans' on your Facebook page. 

This feature is simple and intuitive to use, with 2 clicks, your Create shop products can be live on Facebook! The feature draws upon information already available in your Create shop and uses this to build your Facebook Shop.
You must have a Facebook account and a Facebook Page for your business in order to use this feature. You can learn more about creating a Facebook page for your business HERE

Once you have created your Facebook page, you will need to visit your Create "Shop" page, choose "Product Promotion" from the left-hand menu and then go to the "Facebook" tab. To add your Create shop to Facebook, you will simply need to click the yellow "Add Me" button.
If you do not see this option, you will need to log in to Facebook using the blue "Log in" button.
Once you have added your shop to Facebook, make sure you spread the word! Add a comment below with a link to your new shop, tweet us and, of course, update your Facebook status.

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