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Knowing what keywords to add to your content and what they actually do for your business can be complicated. It can be overwhelming trying to understand SEO and organic search - which Google Analytics reports should you be looking at and why are the top keywords not showing?

Need help? Look no further. Watch these 2 videos from industry experts and learn all about Analytics analysis and the key influencing factors in SEO today!

In an online world, where the tricks from days of yore (2011, hello Panda) will no longer work with Google, you need to implement your best SEO strategy, and understand whether it is working or not.

There are a wealth of tools available out there to help you track and understand your website data, and we have bought together some advice and tips to help you navigate them from our industry experts.

Understanding SEO Campaigns With Google Analytics

Nikki Rae, Director of Future Insight Analytics shares her top nine tips on how best to utilise and navigate around Google Analytics. What are visitors are looking for with organic search and are they finding it? What are “not provided” keywords and how can we learn more about these search term results?

Watch this talk and learn the best areas to focus on in your Google Analytics account, and what to look for to ensure you get the most informative data for your online business.

SEO - Key Elements To Be Aware Of

Search is dominated by Google updates where the quality of your site content (especially for ecommerce) can influence your ranking. Jon Hibbit from SiteVisibility explains the key trends in SEO, and how getting the right framework for SEO strategy, delivery and analysis will ensure success.

Watch this talk and learn all about the top 5 influencing factors in SEO, and Jon’s recommendations for key tools to help you along the way, such as Google Search Console and the informative digital market podcast from SiteVisibility.

Customer First SEO Tactics

Think about who your customer is - strategy before tactics, content is key to search success, and understand your SEO results to maximise potential and impact!

Share your SEO advice and Google Analytics tips in the comments below, and as always ask questions - we’re here to help!

Videos filmed and edited by Alan Howard of

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