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Simon Harrison with his wife and two young children 

Simon Harrison was inspired by his two young children to turn his love of healthy food into his first business - Eat ROAR.

For the past few years, the ‘raw’ food trend has snowballed considerably. For Simon Harrison, father of two and fitness fanatic, it wasn’t about following a trend: he wanted to give his family natural, wholesome food that also tasted delicious.

When Simon discovered his wife, Amy, and their two children have several food allergies and sensitivities, the challenge was to come up with allergen-free yet satisfying food the family could enjoy together.

Eat ROAR quote 1

Simon jumped at the chance to get creative in the kitchen, experimenting with his own allergen-free recipes. Simon’s homemade healthy treats were such a success with his family that he decided to take it to the next level and start his own business - something he’d always dreamed of doing.

"I’ve always had an aspiration to start my own business. I saw a real opportunity being able to create food that was gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soya-free and refined sugar-free; was made with just pure natural ingredients that are nutrient dense and are so tasty."


With help from Create for his website, Simon chased his dream and Eat ROAR was born, offering drool-worthy yet nutritious cakes, truffles and other snacks made only with raw, natural ingredients - available to order online. Could you resist these indulgent - but guilt-free - raw salted caramel 

"My website has helped me immensely.  I don’t think you can run a successful business without a website.  The Create service is completely flexible and has allowed me to produce the style and look I wanted.  It provides another platform for me to sell my products through and allows customers to find out more about Eat Roar and understand the brand."

Overcoming the challenge of starting a business whilst raising a family AND working a 9-5, Simon is proof that anyone can do it if they have the passion and dedication for the task. Simon shared some advice for budding entrepreneurs:

"You really have to take a chance and get yourself out there and develop as you go.  I spent a long time developing recipes and trying to perfect my products and kept putting off what I thought was the scary part - actually trying to sell them and approaching potential customers.  But obviously I wasn’t really going anywhere so I decided just to go for it and asked for as much feedback as possible from everyone I encountered, which allowed me to develop my products and grow as an entrepreneur and a person."

Homemade raw 'cookie dough' cheesecake
Can you believe this 'cookie dough' cheesecake from Eat ROAR is made entirely of raw, natural ingredients?

If you’re starting your own business, you need to be prepared to play the long game. Choose something you believe in and, above all, something that makes you happy. Simon’s success is partly due to his unwavering enthusiasm for his product.

"It is important to make sure you offer something unique and different from your competitors. Eat Roar differs from competitors in a number of areas. Unlike the health food products that actually contain a lot of ingredients that lack any nutrients and are heavily processed, Eat Roar only uses simple natural ingredients that you know are good for you and leave you feeling great and guilt-free." 


"We’re all about simple natural ingredients that you know are good for you.  Bring EAT ROAR with you and enjoy them anywhere. They are great for sharing or to scoff by yourself and leave you feeling great and guilt-free. EAT ROAR allows you to bring raw tasty health into your life. EAT ROAR provides natural, clean, healthy, sustained energy as opposed to other snacks. We count nutrition and not calories."
Eat ROAR quote 3

The future is full of possibilities. Starting your own website is a fantastic way to manage and grow a business while you still have other commitments.

"I work at my 9-5 as a project manager, and I’m looking forward to growing Eat Roar - ideally one day giving up the day job."

Screenshot of EatROAR Instagram account

"In terms of my future plans, I will continue to try and get the cakes into some more cafes in the Bath and Bristol area and further afield if possible. I am always experimenting with new flavours and ideas of cakes and truffles and trying these out at the local markets. I will get some more of these added to the website so people can order all of their favourites."
"You have to go for it and enjoy the journey.  Make sure you enjoy what you do, because starting your own business requires a lot of work and dedication: focus on staying motivated and maintaining your passion".

 Do you have a passion like Simon and dream of taking it further? Why not start your free trial today and see what you can do. 

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