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Create EventsIn the second of our monthly Create Events, we invited Brighton artist Simon Shepherd to talk about his approach to his work and his view of the art world.

This inspiring talk, 'Digital / Physical: When Art Worlds Collide', featured discussions on the permanence of art, ownership, reproduction and authenticity, the different aims of different artists and much more.

Simon explained how some of his award-winning work is developed by what he calls 'happy accidents' (making a mistake and suddenly seeing a whole new world of potential in the new 'accidental' piece). It was interesting to consider this process as almost impossible in digital art, with the prevalance of the 'Undo' feature.* He also provided a view of the emerging world of digital art from the perspective of a purely physical artist, which encouraged us to reconsider the roles that digital and physical formats play today and may do in the near future.


Simon's fascinating presentation led to an in-depth conversation about the process and purpose of art. It was great to hear so many different views and perspectives on the digital and physical art worlds and how they can at once complement and contradict one another. I just about managed to stop myself spurting Baudrillard's theory of simulacra (which although pertinent, would have been just a tad too pretentious... even for me).

Thanks to everyone who came along, enjoyed the art, nibbles and conversation. We're excited to be providing entertaining networking events for the local community, and these talks really inspire our staff, too, which can be no bad thing!

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*I'm still wondering if anyone out there has considered removing the 'undo' feature from their digital art suite altogether, just to see where their work would take them if it only went forward!

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