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Thanks to everyone who signed up to Create's online shop workshops at Super+Super this month. You'll be happy to hear that thanks to you we raised over £200 for Carousel, the charity at the forefront of Brighton's learning disability arts scene!

What is Carousel?

Carousel supports artists with learning disabilities, helping them to produce films and make music, and enabling them to showcase their work through outlets like the award-winning Oska Bright Film Festival, the 'Shut Up and Listen' radio station and the regular Blue Camel Club.

Carousel Chair and Oska Bright Committee Member Sarah Watson was excited to hear about the donation:

Sarah Watson

“Thank you very much to the Create team for their donation. We really appreciate the team putting their time and effort into raising the money for us. It will help us to continue to do the great work we do in the learning disabled community. Thank you!”

How are we working with them?

Create is holding workshops to help people build e-commerce stores and kick start their online businesses. The first was held at Brighton's workspace Super+Super on 5th February and the follow-up workshop, by the end of which attendees will have a website ready to go live to the web, will be on 19th February. Thanks to everyone who came along to the first one - we're looking forward to seeing the fruits of these workshops soon! 

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