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Posted By Simon Kimber

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I'm excited to announce that Create has hit a huge milestone: we now host over 10,000 websites and online businesses built with our tools!

From its humble beginnings in my back room over a decade ago, Create is now a dedicated team of nearly twenty awesome people helping thousands of businesses get their products and services online. 

Like many of you with your own businesses, we've built Create up from nothing with copious amounts of hard work, blood, sweat and a few tears. For those of you just starting out, keep at it! We still have so much more we want to achieve, but the hard work is worth it!

Simon Kimber

As a thank you, we've put together some freebies and special offers that will be available to everyone who logs in to Create, with a new one every weekday for two weeks, starting on Monday 22nd April.

Also, keep an eye on the Create Blog over the next two weeks to read the stories of ten great online businesses using Create.

Thank you for being part of our journey. We really couldn't have achieved this milestone without everyone's continued support.

Simon Kimber

CTO and Founder, Create

P.S. Whether you're a subscriber to our service or you're enjoying our free 30 day trial, you'll still be able to grab the goodies so be sure to sign up!

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