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The New Year is well underway and our first meetup of 2016 has already passed! Celebrating a fun-filled evening of networking, nibbles and wine, attendees and speakers alike were excited to discuss the topics and learn the important tips for starting out with Social Media, Marketing and PR for your business. Read all about the evening and a sneak peek at what's coming soon.

Our first event of 2016 was a great success, focused on PR, Marketing and Social Media - key areas when running your online business. We were thrilled to host two experts on these topics who came along and gave insightful, interesting, and most importantly actionable information about how to make an impact.

The two guest speakers, Lindsey Pickles and Jill Woolf, came armed with a host of great tips, with two short talks from our Senior Designer, Benjamin and our Customer Experience Manager, Danielle too. 

The evening kicked off with Lindsey, from Bright Dials. Lindsey spoke to the group about Social Media channels, ensuring you are making the biggest impact you can with the social platforms. A great tip was simply to make sure you’re managing your time and analysing results and insights with tools and using these results to better engage with your customer.

Show Personality, Engage, But Be Commercial

Lindsey, from Bright Dials slide show tips

We loved this quote from Lindsey. It perfectly sums up the attitude that should be taken when tackling Social Media, you don’t want to be a robot - show your customers you’re a real person.

Focusing on Twitter, she went on to show useful tools like Audiense which can help you organise your channels. Social Media is such a powerful tool when used and managed properly, it was great to learn such a clear approach on how best to manage it.

The next talk came from our Senior Designer, Benjamin. He is king of the responsive template! He discussed the various options for modern web design, and why responsive is the best decision for all devices.

Senior Designer, Benjamin on responsive templates

This will inturn ensure that you are using the most up-to-date features and can take advantage of our recently released templates and themes.

The evening's talks ended with Jill Woolf of Chimera Communications. With over 30 years in the marketing and PR business her talk was full to the brim with great ideas and things to remember. We particularly thought the ‘Aims’ she spoke of where great things to bear in mind.

Jill Woolf of Chimera Communications slide on business aims

"Get people to tell your story for you" was a great line from her talk. It is so important to make sure the content you are adding to your site is for your customer, not for you - as hard as that might be. Fill your website with content that is valuable to your consumer. This will result in word of mouth recommendations, testimonials, all things that lead to a return customer.

We also learned that "a new customer costs 17 times more to a that a returning customer", which just goes to show how important it is to build those relationships and create return customers.

To round up the evening, our Customer Experience Manager Danielle introduced a few of our exciting recent releases, each one ready to use and there to benefit you and your business. Her talk included information on connecting your site with third party Apps using the Create API, securing your entire website with full SSL encryption, and a sneak peek at the Abandoned Basket feature before it's upcoming release.

Customer Experience Manager Danielle slide on Create Features

During our evaluation stage, the Abandoned Basket tool has shown a 90% higher spend on recovered baskets, and saw over £70,000 in recovered revenue that would have previously been lost! The Abandoned Basket feature launches soon, you can try this now just get in touch with your Account Manager.

If you missed this event or want to recap on the excellent tips discussed, watch the talks now!

Is there a particular topic you would love to learn more about? Tell us by commenting below, we'd love to hear what you're interested in for future events!

 Create Meetup: PR and Social Media For Your Business

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