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Create Events logoWhen we heard that Brighton Mini Maker Faire co-organiser and BuildBrighton founding member Mike Pountney was going to speak at our next Create Event, we knew we were in for a techy treat. And thanks to an array of unique gadgets and a hilarious talk, he didn't disappoint!

Mike came to talk about 'hackerspaces', communal working environments that encourage skill-sharing and working on completely unique projects, involving everything from computer science to robotics and sculpture. He talked us through the slightly shady origins of hackerspaces (back in the early days of the Internet) and explained how over time workspaces like these have become a force for good, helping to connect innovators and showcase their work.

Mike Pountney Talks About Welding

The history of BuildBrighton, as told by Mike and backed up by other BuildBrighton-ers, was a funny and enlightening tale of amazing landlords, badly-timed floods and a prize-winning talking owl. But it wasn't all talk! We got to see the fruits of these inventors' labour in action, some of which you may have seen at the recent Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

Below-left is, as Mike put it himself, "one of the highlights of the fair" - One-Dimensional Pong! Players stand at either end of a long LED strip and hit buttons with their feet to send the light back and forth. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it was great fun and pretty addictive, too! (Though it did bring back fearful memories of the 'bleep test' at school!)

1D Pong and TV-B-Gone

Mike also presented the 'TV-B-Gone', a tiny gadget that scans televisions' operational frequencies, finds the relevant signal to broadcast to switch the TV off, and lo, TV begone! This cheeky little device was handed around the room and, well, let's just say Mike was using a TV for his slideshow and you can probably guess the rest!

Thanks to everyone who came along to this inspiring Create Event and showcased their brilliant projects, which included a Hard Drive Clock (below right), an LED board that smiles and yawns and an innovative Remote Control car with sensors and bluetooth!

BMMF Slide and Drive Clock

Our next Create Event, 'Stories' with speaker Steve Stark, is on the evening of 29th November at our lovely Brighton offices. We're really looking forward to seeing what he's got prepared for our guests. It will be a great chance to meet people, be inspired and come away with some new contacts. Book your free ticket now!

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