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The Little Lilypad Company is a website built by parents for parents. Donna has two daughters, one 6 years old and the other only a month old! At the heart of the Lilypad is family, and this is the foundations that the business has been built upon.

Donna, how did you come up for the idea for The Little Lilypad Co.?

The business was started in early 2010 through my love of gorgeous gifts.

When I had my first daughter and subsequently found myself in a baby boom with my friends, I started looking everywhere to find wonderful different little gifts for their babies, children and other family members. Not the usual high street mass produced items but beautiful, unique, handmade and maybe even unusually old fashioned gifts that had been painted, glued and lovingly crafted real people!

I found that anything unusual or beautifully personalised equally meant expensive so I made it my mission to provide something a little different but affordable for parents.

Working from home can sometimes be lonely, do you have any advice?

Don't be afraid to ask for help and network network network - get online and join forums such as Mumsclub where you can  meet like minded business women. Often, they have been there before you and I've found mums in business are always happy to help another Mumpreneur!

Does your business affect your family life?

My business is my family and they are hugely supportive. To my partner moving stock around and helping choose products, to my parents helping with admin and at events ….. right down to my daughter wanting to “test” every new beautiful gift we stock!!

Your business is mainly online, has it benefitted from using Create's service?

I realised very early on that Create was perfect for our needs, as a business we are always looking at ways to improve our website and service, and the flexibility and accessibility of Create allows us to do that.


Donna Pinnell

The Little Lilypad

The Little Lilypad

The useability and support is also, very definately, a huge part of our reason to use Create, the service is constantly being update with new features, and I have found them to be very supportive of their clients.

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