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Build a kick-ass website for your business with Create!

Beginning your own business can be an exciting experience, but sometimes it can seem a little daunting! Once you have your idea, there are a couple of steps you can follow in making your business a success. One of these steps is to create yourself an eye-catching, informative website.

Here at Create we have built a platform to enable you to design and publish a professional website that boosts your business! Read on for our top tips on where to start with your new website.

Where to start

So you have your business model. From here you will need a brand for your business. Spending a little time on your brand in these early days, will help you to create a strong identity for your business. This will be influenced by what you are selling and the type of customers you want to attract. Getting this on the right track at the outset can save time and updates later on.

It always seems impossible until its done

To start thinking about your brand identity, firstly have a think about what will appeal to your target market. You may want to think about what colours would work well for your company and what overall feel you want to portray for your business. Take a look at some of the websites for some inspiration and at some of your competitors to see what they are missing! It’s also great to read about how other businesses started out to really get a solid plan.


Stamp your brand on your business

Once you have identified your colours and theme you can start getting down to the fun stuff, your logo! A business logo is the first thing potential customers will see when they land on your website or look over any of your promotional materials (business cards/ adverts etc) and so it is integral your logo gives your customers a feel for your business and makes a great first impression.

With so many free graphic resources out there you no longer need to pay a big price tag in order to achieve an effective logo. We have some handy design tips and some steps on how to make your own logo to help you along your way. Again, always refer back to your brand plan and target audience when working on your logo as this will help you with your design. 

Start building your website!

You are very nearly there! Before you get building you may find it useful to plan the pages you will need and the content for each page. Why not grab some more paper and draw out a plan (you don’t have to worry about your drawing skills, this is for your eyes).

Once you have got your plan together, you are ready to build your website and put all your hard work together. You can sign up for a free trial with Create and get started right away! Get a feel for the fabulous Create Design Studio area, where you are able to add your colour palette, your newly designed logo and overall theme with ease.

80% of all internet users own a smartphone, and so ensuring your website is optimised for mobile users will really help boost your business. At Create we have many responsive templates designed to suit all types of businesses; all of which are very customisable and size down depending on whether your website is being viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop Device.

From the “Feather” template for a clean and sharp look to “Velvet” with it’s fun and playful style. If you need a hand choosing a template that works for your business, get in touch with your Account Manager, who is always happy to help.

Sketch pad and phone

Where to go next?

Firstly, I would recommend reading our super handy blog post on user experience and how to make your site work for your business, in creating new leads and converting website visitors in to customers. The more you think about your audience, the better for your business. Basing your content around your audience will really help you build the website structure.

You are now ready to add your website content and any images you have to show off your business. Displaying images on your Home Page is a great to instantly grab attention and attract visitors - the more visually pleasing your site is the more they will want to find out about your product. Making sure your images are of a high quality will not only attract your potential visitors but, again will promote the professionalism of your business.

Make sure you also add relevant text to each page of your website to help your visitors to understand your business and the theme of each page. This will also help with your websites SEO (search engine ranking) as it will help the search engines to index the correct information on your website, which will help potential customers find your website when using search engines. 


If you have not already, sign up to our free trial now! This is a great chance for you to start creating your site and preparing for that launch day.  And don’t forget your Customer Account Manager will be on hand to give you some steps and advice along the way. :)

And if you have already started your online business, please add some handy advice and comments below, we would love to hear how you got started!

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