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Posted By Tara Rickard

Ever wondered how many of your visitors could have been potential sales? It's well known that large numbers of online shopping carts are abandoned, often lost forever. Want to capture those missed opportunities and increase your orders? Read on for a sneak peek of our new Abandoned Basket feature.

What Is The Abandoned Basket Feature?

This exciting new tool has been designed to offer insight into your customer's basket activity and make sure you are capitalising on every visit and potential sale.

Dependent on your package type, the Abandoned Basket feature is split into the following areas:

  • Dashboard (Shop Builder, Shop Builder Pro, Shop Builder Advanced)
  • Reports (Shop Builder Pro, Shop Builder Advanced)
  • Basket Recovery Emails (Shop Builder Pro, Shop Builder Advanced)

The Dashboard will tell you exactly how many customers are abandoning their baskets before completing their orders. Reports will tell you the value of the basket, when it was abandoned and more importantly whether the customer has come back. The Basket Recovery Emails tool can then be used to contact those shoppers and encourage them to come back and finish the order.


What Can It Do For Me?

A key study from web research company, Baymard Institute, has documented that on average 68.53% of ecommerce baskets are abandoned. That's almost 7 out of 10 customers that visit your shop! Using the dashboard tool you can instantly see just how high or low your shop’s very own cart abandonment rate is and compare this against the industry average - and work towards boosting your future sales.

Using the data from the Dashboard and Reports areas you can take action to prevent future abandonment. By implementing changes to your shop you can improve the checkout experience on your website - and instantly see the effect of those changes reflected within the Dashboard stats.

What's most exciting is, using the Basket Recovery Emails tool you can take action after abandonment has occurred and encourage shoppers to come back - a reminder email can go a long way, when nearly 50% of abandoned basket emails are opened, as reported by SaleCycle.

Create user and inspiring baking supplier, Purple Cupcakes has been trying out the feature already and found it useful to see just how many sales are being lost. They told us:

"It’s important for us as a small business to see if there was a way of gaining insight into why people left the basket and did not complete a checkout process. To be able to see that we have actually recovered sales, is a great boost."


What Can I Do Now?

In order to start converting this information into sales, it's a good idea to understand the reasons behind this online shopper behaviour.

Statista reported that of the greatest reasons for cart abandonment is being faced with "unexpected costs".

There are some quick and simple changes you can make to your website to reduce your abandonment rate. Put your customer thinking hat on and re-assess some of the following:

  • Delivery charges
  • Transparency on Tax and VAT
  • Your product prices
  • Refunds Policy
  • Mandatory account registration
  • Available payment methods

Adjusting or alleviating some of the above elements can help to simplify your checkout process, make the shopper feel more confident with their purchase.

Award winning artist, The Crafty Calf, has been using our Abandoned Basket feature too and told us how she's used the data to make positive changes:

"Unless a customer orders from you, you don't get the chance to get feedback from them so you could be doing one small thing wrong and be losing lots of custom... Having instant stats is great, if you make a change you can see straight away how it is effecting your potential shoppers."

Where Can I Found Out More?

If you would like to try out the Abandoned Basket before it's full release, please contact your Account Manager to have this added to your account. We would love to hear your feedback!

UPDATE: Abandoned Basket recovery has now launched! Read all about this feature in our blog post "Use Abandoned Basket Insight And Recover Lost Sales".


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