What's New at Create: Spring 2018

So far, 2018 has been a really exciting year for our users here at Create. As we move into the second quarter of the year, we wanted to give you a recap of all the latest updates and features that have been introduced so far.

Introducing New Content Building Tools

Today, we're excited to introduce an early release of Create's new content building tools. New mobile-friendly templates, full-width capabilities, parallaxing and new design options will help you make your best website yet - try them out today!

4 Tips for User Experience Beginners

User Experience (UX) is a practice in website design that focuses on the satisfaction of your site’s visitors.  You’ll find lots on the internet about User Experience…

Create wins Online Business of the Year

This summer, The Federation of Small Businesses and Worldpay UK Business Awards 2017 credited with the award for Online Business of the Year in the South-East England…

6 Tips For Collaborating With Bloggers

It can be frustrating when you’ve set up your online business but you’re not getting the traffic and sales you want. Read on for our tips on how to engage and collaborate with…

5 Best Free Tools for Your Small Business

The internet is a fantastic source of free tools to help you start and run a small business. We've chosen five of our favourite small business tools to help you make your small business a…

How To Start Your New Business

Every day new companies are born, but of those only a tiny percentage succeed. What makes them succeed? Here's what to think about when you're launching a business so that it's still going…

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