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There’s often a misconception that when something is on the internet it is free to be used and has entered the public domain, generally all images, photos and text is copyrighted to the person who created the content and water-marking images help with this.

No one likes to think that someone will be out there copying their ideas, and using their text and images which they have spent hours working on, but it does happen and often it is simply an innocent mistake.

One way to protect your photos and images is to add a watermark to each one. There are free watermarking tools on the internet such as http://www.watermarktool.com/ which you can use to do this.

7 Tips For Watermarking Product Images:

  1. Put useful information as the watermark, a good watermark should be informative, so consider placing your company name and email address or some form of contact information in case someone would like to ask your permission to use the image. 
  2. Carefully consider where you place the watermark, having it across the subject of the image can make it difficult to see your product or offering properly and may put visitors off.
  3. Pick the most approriate sized watermark, if it is too small, it may mean it is unnoticeable and you run the risk of someone editing or cropping out the watermark.
  4. Place your copyright information somewhere on your site relating to your watermarks.
  5. View your image as a thumbnail once you have added the watermark, is it messy or off-putting?
  6. Ensure you keep a copy of the original un-watermarked image in case you need it later.
  7. If someone is using your image you can politely ask them to remove it, if they are not trying to pass it off as their own let them know you are aware they are using it and you would appreciate it if they would credit it to you and link back to your website.

Have you had any experience with others using photos and images without permission? How did you deal with the problem?

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