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It can be frustrating when you’ve set up your online business but you’re not getting the traffic and sales you want. Read on for our tips on how to engage and collaborate with top bloggers and boost your brand to the next level. 

A great way to reach a wider audience and increase trust in your brand is by collaborating with bloggers who already have a following. Some of the most powerful people on the internet are bloggers. Securing a partnership deal with a relevant blogger acts as a great advert for your brand and helps you to easily reach a larger network.
If you don’t ask, you won’t get!
Requesting sponsorship from a successful blogger can be an intimidating prospect... Follow our tips for the best ways to go about it.

1 - Choose your collaborators wisely 

Don’t waste time contacting bloggers who aren’t relevant to your brand. The collaboration needs to be a seamless integration between your brand and theirs, so don’t choose collaborators who aren’t an obvious match for your company’s theme and values.

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Make a list of potential areas that could generate interest in your product or service. Eg. if you’re selling handmade soaps, look at beauty bloggers, or baby toys then family bloggers.


2 - Do Your Research

Once you have a list of potential collaborators, check out their activity and who engages with them on social media. You need to have an understanding of the demographic your product could potentially be reaching.
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Do your research. Before you approach any of your chosen bloggers, make sure you have an in-depth knowledge of them and their brand. You need to demonstrate an interest in them if you want them to be interested in you.
Of course it’s essential that you read up on the blogger. Check out any archived blog posts and read up about them from other online sources: really familiarise yourself with their brand to form a genuine connection as well as a business deal.

3 - Send a personalised message

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A successful collaboration can be achieved in seconds with a carefully crafted email. Remember these key points when writing your message:

  • Find as much contact information as possible. It’s good practice to use full names when addressing potential business connections and makes people more likely to read your message.

  • Twitter is a great way to contact a potential collaborator if you need more contact details.

  • Your message should  be short and to the point - a few sentences is enough.
  • Introduce yourself and explain a bit about your brand

  • Explain why you love their blog / brand (don’t lack it on too think - too much flattery can be offputting)
  • Get to the crux of the message - a call to action. Explain what is to be gained from a collaboration between the two of you.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get an immediate response. Wait a week or so and send a follow up message, and accept that it may take a while to finalise a collaboration.

4 - Let them try your product / service

Getting an experienced blogger to try (and enjoy) your product or service for themselves and post a favourable review is a great way to boost your brand. 

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Offering a product for free shows you are willing to take risks and that you believe in your brand’s quality. And, obviously, the best way to connect with a brand is by trying - and enjoying - its products or services.
You could also suggest they host a contest or giveaway among their followers. Choose an appropriate product to be given away - something you would want to win and that suits their audience.
Remember: this is a mutually beneficial collaboration - both parties need to make sure they backlink to each other.

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5 - Consider Instagram influencers too

Instagram is easy to use and is fast becoming the most successful channel for showcasing products and gaining brand awareness and fresh traffic - all resulting in more sales!

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As well as bloggers, it’s easy to get in contact with Instagram users. Many provide contact details in their ‘bio’ section, or you can message people directly through the app.
For more info of collaborating via Instagram, check out this awesome guide

6 - Don’t be afraid of rejection

Collaboration depends on great communication, trust and a lot of luck!
Keep in mind that it will take time to find someone who wants to collaborate with you. Different businesses have different opinions and priorities, so try not to be discouraged if you can’t finalise the deal straight away.
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There’s no harm in putting yourself out there, and you never know where a collaboration could lead in the future.
 Reaching a wider audience is just the beginning of potential new business opportunities and the chance for your brand to reach exciting new heights, so what are you waiting for?
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