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Facebook is the biggest social media channel to date, with over 1.9 billion active users, there are more people currently using Facebook than the entire population of China! Wouldn't it be great to be able to make the most of this and use it to your business' advantage?

Social media is one the best ways to market your company and if you have a company page on Facebook, you are off to a great start! But are you using it to it's full potential? There are lot's of tips and tricks out there to make your Facebook business page "the best", but some tips often conflict with others. Ignore the rest and try the best! Read on for our 5 top tips to make the best Facebook page for your business. 


1. Get your Cover photo and Profile picture right

Your profile and cover image are the two first things a potential customer sees when they land on your Facebook page. You want these images to tell a story and instantly draw the visitor in. These images should be exciting, in keeping with your business brand and the highest quality possible. A high quality image reflects upon a high quality business.

Because the profile and cover image are the first thing that instantly engages a user, using these areas for marketing or promotion can prove very beneficial and are a great way to push new products and/or promotions. Check out our blog post on 10 free graphic resources that you could use to make yourself some lovely promotional imagery to get you on your way and why not take a look at the Create Facebook for some imagery inspiration!

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2. Post the right content at the right time

Did you know that video posts on average gain 62% more engagement than a post using an image? Videos can be a really fun and quirky way to promote your business, and with so many free apps out there, you can whip one up in a matter of minutes! It is recommended that keeping the accompaning text to a minimum, the more concise the more engaging on average. :)

You can use the "Insights" area of your Facebook page to find out when your page likers are at their most engaged. This can vary from day to day and so it is worth taking a look at this information before posting any content to ensure your post is seen by the most poeple possible. 


3. Promote your posts with the "Boost" feature for further reach

At present there are around 40% of users on Facebook who do not "Like" pages as part of their Facebook routine. So how can you contact or influence this mass amount of otherwise unattainable pool of potential? With the use of Facebook Ads.

Using the "Boost" feature on a published post is a great way to target a new audience, or ensure more of your likers have access to the content you have published. Targetting your audience when boosting a post ensures you are making the most out of your advertisement and really targetting the people you want to reach. This can be both likers and non likers which again is great for getting your company seen by a wider potential audience. 


4. Engage with your potential customers and leads

Facebook is a great way to deal directly with your potential and current customers in a relaxed and engaging way. Customers can contact you via the messages or by posting straight to your page, and ensuring you respond to these queries can seriously benefit your business. New data from Sprout Social issues a warning to brands everywhere: If you’re not responding on social media, 1 in 3 people say they’ll switch to a competitor. As if that’s not bad enough, 36% say they’ll also shame you on their own social profiles! Always answer customer queries within 24 hours and maintain a strong relationship, which in turn promotes repeat custom.


5. Have an online store? Host your Shop on Facebook and maximise sales

If you have an ecommerce business, why not host your online store on your Facebook page! Statistically 21% of your Facebook page likers are interested in buying your products, and making this process available to them via Facebook increases the chance of a quick sale!

If you have your website with Create, hosting your shop on your Facebook page could not be simpler! If you have not already took advantage of this feature, you can find out more in our help guide.


We hope this blog brings you some tips and ideas you have not yet tried on your Facebook page. Do you have any tried and tested tips to share? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to give our Facebook page a "Like" and keep up to date with all new blog posts, announcements and promotions. :)

Statistics found via Quintly, Kentico & Facebook newsroom.

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