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If you're looking to gain traction with new visitors to your website, why not try a Facebook competition to drum up interest?

It's a great way to engage with and please your customers, but you could also reap the rewards - it's a win win!

Here's a few tips on running 'like' and 'comment' competitions through Facebook:


1. What Do You Want?

Before starting your competition, define the goals you're seeking to achieve by doing so. Do you want more Facebook Likers? Do you want to actively engage with your community and find out more about them? Do you want to drive visits back to your site? Answering these questions will go some way to help define the type of Facebook competition you should be running.


2. The Price Is 'Like'

The simplest way to run a Facebook competition with minimal effort is to post something on your Facebook page that simply, and if possible, attractively states what can be won and clearly asks people to 'Like' the page. The best way to do this is with a photo, as when this is liked and potentially shared on the likers' news feeds, it's very visible and striking and doesn't require a video to be watched or a text update to be read through.


3. Comment Competitions

If you're seeking to engage your audience more, perhaps encouraging them to talk about your product or service, then making a post (again, an attractive or funny photo is probably best) that shows what could be won and asks the user to comment is a good way to achieve this. You could ask the community to state why they want to win the competition in their comments, get them to answer a question or leave a caption to a photo, or you could even just directly ask people to leave testimonial comments saying why they love your service!


4. Keep The Brand In It

Be sure to include your website details and other social media network URLs in the post. This post could well be shared as a photo and appear elsewhere, and you want to make sure it has all the details someone could need in order to visit your site or learn about your brand when it is removed from the context of a photo on your Facebook page.


5. Don't Ask For Shares

Although these can demonstrably get your post and page into plenty of new potential customers' news feeds, it doesn't work as a competition entry as shares from those with private Facebook profiles won't show up on the post's total 'Shares'. You have no way of knowing if you're picking fairly from those that have entered, as there's a chance you won't see many of the entries! Instead, let entrants know that they're free to share the competition on their Facebook feed (and they should be encouraged to do so) but you should make sure they're aware that this will not be counted as an entry.


6. Likers Aren't Forever

It's important to remember that while it's great to get more likes and comments on your posts and page, the engagement that comes from competition entries will be of a lower quality than posts that naturally get recognition or people talking. What I mean here is that just because someone has entered your widely-shared competition it doesn't necessarily follow that they will care about your brand. So make sure you run competitions alongside posting other great quality content and news, to encourage people to like your page because they want to and are interested in your brand rather than just to win something.



The best competitions are ones which take seconds to enter and provide a real, measurably excellent reward. This is why Facebook is perfect for competitions. It's far easier to enter a competition with a single click of a 'Like' button than filling out a survey or sending in an entry. Because the effort involved in entering a Facebook competition is so very low, you could give away reasonably low-price items and it would still seem like a great offer!

If you fancy winning something for yourself (or someone else if you’re feeling generous), we run our own ‘FreebieFriday’ competition once a week, over on our Facebook page.

If you have a website made on Create and have a product you’d like us to showcase, or think would make a great prize, don’t hesitate to drop us an email with your idea via our Contact Page.

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