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January can often be a difficult time of year to keep up your motivation and productivity at work. With the Christmas rush and early 2016 sales over, you may now need to inject some excitement back in to your working life. There are many ways in which we are able to boost our motivation and morale, and I have compiled my top 5 to share with you all. Don't suffer in silence this January. Let's make it the most productive month yet!

5 Simple Ways to Improve Productivity 

Make good use of your time

If, like myself, you are one to let time run away from you; one minute you look at the clock and the next 2 hours seem to have evaporated, keeping a close eye on time and improving time management is a great way to boost your productivity.

There are many great tools available to help you manage your time. One great tool I find particularly useful is aTimeLogger. This app will show you exactly what you are spending your time on on your smart phone, which will make you consciously change how much time you spend on “unproductive” tasks (like Candy Crush for example).

If you do not spend time on your phone during your working day, add StayFocusd to your desktop and “increase your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.” This is another free app and is a great way to make you more aware of where you are spending your time during the day.


Try something new

How do you currently plan your day? Do you write lists of the tasks you need to action? Do you wake up and have your full day planned? Sometimes, working in a different way can spark a new lease of life into an existing routine. I find taking a look at the way others motivate themselves to be productive often gives me new ideas I can try out. Even taking just one leaf out of someone else's book can give the working day a whole new perspective.

There are lots of great resources online where you can find differing processes for productivity. I find Pinterest to be the greatest resource for this.

Check out our board below where you can see lots of amazing infographics full of different ideas to stay motivated and boost productivity. You might find something you can apply to your own day making a mundane task once again enjoyable.

Find motivation and inspiration from the success of others.

Everyone has those days where you are left feeling uninspired or unmotivated to do any work. While it is completely normal to have these days, unfortunately your work will not do itself.

It is great to take inspiration from the success or thoughts of others; and this is often the way I spur myself on to turn my day around. There are many ways in which you are able to action this. My most favoured method is to take myself to the TED YouTube channel.

If you haven't heard of TED, it's a non-profit organisation designed to provide a hub of amazing and different ideas. Each talk is around 10 minutes long, and so it's a great excuse to take a break and come back to your work feeling refreshed. Why not watch this video below on the “psychology of self-motivation” and see if it can give you insight on how you are most productive:


Distract from Distractions

If, like many Create users you work from home, there can often be many distractions that prevent you from having a fully productive working day. Perhaps the cat has just been sick on your favourite rug or your dishwasher packed in. These hiccups are to be expected and unavoidable when you are home.

Give yourself 5-10 minutes every couple of hours for chores and such events. Not only will this break up your working day and give you a chance for your eyes to have a rest, but will give you the time you need within the home.


Plan in advance

Getting your next week or month planned in advance is a great way to ensure each day has goals and you are aiming and planning for future tasks. Download the Create 2016 Marketing Calendar for free and get two steps ahead with your social planning and marketing. Looking at dates of interest in advance is a great way to plan your promotions and ensure you maximise on these days and events within your own business.

I hope this blog post is useful and brings some new ways to improve your own personal productivity. Do you have other methods you use to stay productive during the working day? If so, please do share in the comments. I'd love to hear about them.

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Productivity



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