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Posted By Steve Hanmer

Running a business is hard work, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Getting help, whether it be from freelancers or specific tools, is a huge step towards boosting the productivity of your company.

I’ve put together a list of 5 amazing services that you can use to not only make your own life easier but to give your customers the best possible experience.


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If you’re looking for a freelancer to help with your website, whether it be to help with writing content or with marketing, Upwork is a great place to start. Once you’ve signed up, you can post the job you’re looking to hire for and they will provide a short list of the freelancers on their system that they feel would be a good fit for you. Their website shows you the hourly rate, location and job success of each freelancer so you can make an informed decision.

You can be part of the entire process, tracking the work in realtime and giving your feedback to your new hire, no matter where you are with the mobile app.

You can find out more and start hiring freelancers for FREE by visiting their website.


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BambooHR is the place to go if you’re looking for a complete HR solution for your business. You can keep an accurate record of your staff with their Employee Database, even setting up a Self-Onboarding process, as well as having a great Time Off automated system where your employees can request time off and see it all displayed in the built-in calendar.

Keep track of employee benefits, store all of your staff documentation, ensure your staff are up to date with their training and find easy to make, useful HR reports all in the same place.

You can find out more about what BambooHR can do for your business by visiting their website.


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Groove is the only Help Desk Software that you’ll ever need for your business. It collects all of your customer emails, whether you use Groove directly or integrate it with Gmail or Outlook, as well as being able to manage your Social Media feeds, calls and live chats on your website. Using Groove for your email help desk means you can assign emails to specific people to answer, gives you the ability to see if someone else is working on the same email as you in real-time with their ‘Collision Detection’, and you can even add private notes for your team with suggestions or review emails written by new team members before they’re sent.

Insert pre-written, ‘FAQ’-style replies, add a live-chat to your website through Groove’s partnership with Olark and give your customers the best Customer Services experience possible.

To find out more about Groove and what they offer, you can visit their website.


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Companies all over the world, including the LA Times, AirBnB, Ticketmaster and even us, here at Create, all use Slack in the office. Slack brings communications together - an instant messaging service that's specific for your workplace which allows you to have private conversations one-on-one with another member of the team. Slack also gives you the ability to set up ‘Channels’ where you can add groups of people to discuss anything from inter-team conversations to a Channel just for your Management team.

With the option to have video conferences, integration with services like Groove and Gmail and even the ability to create guest accounts for your workplace for any freelancers that join your team temporarily, Slack is the ultimate place for your company communications.

Find out more and sign up to Slack for FREE by visiting their website.


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Trello is an online tool that allows you to manage projects and tasks between you and your team. Brands including Google, Pixar, Kickstarter and us at Create use Trello to keep organised and prioritise projects between the team. By setting up different boards you can keep track of a project, team or individual by breaking down the workload into different lists and tasks.

Collaborate with your team on their specific tasks by adding comments and attachments, or even set up a Trello board as a family ‘to-do’ list both at home and on the go with their mobile app.

Find out more and sign up to Trello for FREE by visiting their website.


Let us know if you use any of these amazing services, or if you have started using them since reading this post. Are there any other amazing services that you use for your business that you think other people should know about? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with your Account Manager.

You can find more from me on Twitter @SteveHanmer or read my other Create Blogs here.

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