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Using professional images can really make your website stand out, but finding good stock photos for free can be time consuming and costly. Many businesses use stock images for lots of different purposes from advertising, print, blogs, graphics, websites and much more and we’ve put together some great resources where you can find professional images for free.

All of the resources we’ve included provide photos and imagery which fall under the Creative Commons Zero license or similar. CCZ is something that you should look out for when selecting images, it means that you can use the images for personal or commercial purposes and modify them to your requirements. You also don’t need to reference the photographer or the site you found it on but they probably would not mind if you do!

So lets run you through our top five...


Unsplash - unsplash.com

A free stock image from Unsplash of a book and table from unsplash.com

This will be your first port of call if you are looking for that ‘trendy’ picture in high-resolution. The great thing about Unsplash is that they upload 10 new images every 10 days, from beautiful landscapes and backgrounds, to lovely tech images - with almost all including Apple products! These images are great for blogs, or for finding a background to add to your own graphics.

Stokpic - stokpic.com

Stock image from stokpic.com of a lovely summer scene of palm trees and a woman

Stockpic have some lovely images to choose from, here you will find very clean, crisp, bright images. They include lots of beach photography which is great if you have a summery brand! You can look through their latest 100 high resolution images or search through their sixteen categories from Lifestyle to Architecture.

Foodies Feed - foodiesfeed.com

Stock image from Foodies Feed of a croissant, tea, flower and book

The clue is in the title for this one, photography of food with delicious imagery. This site is a little different from the ones I have mentioned above, here you can either use a single image, or subscribe to download a photo package that includes multiple stock images, perfect for a big project. Here you will find images from Exotic Cuisine to Grocery & Ingredients. 

GRATISOGRAPHY - gratisography.com

Photography by Ryan McGuire from gratisography.com of a green and orange car in a field

If your brand is fun and colourful, this is a great place to start searching! All pictures are photographed by Ryan McGuire and you’ll find his photography style quirky and humorous. He also offers his photos under the CCZ license and new images are added weekly, they can be great for a blog post to catch someone's eye or to tell a story!

PEXELS - pexels.com

Image from pexels.com of a cute dog hanging out of the window

This site has over 2,000 photos to search through! PEXELS combines and shares imagery from other sites that comply with the Creative Commons Zero license, including photography from Unsplash and Gratisography that I have mentioned above. They add up to 70 new high resolution photos each week, that are hand-picked from free image sources!


Remember it’s incredibly important to use images that you have the rights to, using someone else’s image without permission can incur legal action and costly fees from the image owners. If you’re looking for some professional images to add to your site or for any commercial purposes, ensure you have checked your sources and got any necessary permissions.

We hope you’ll find these websites to be a great resource. Feel free to share any others you use in the comments below.

Happy searching!


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