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Posted By Poppy Millar-Maher

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Podcasts are a fantastic tool for discovering new ideas, developing new strategies and keeping yourself relevant in the business world. You can listen on the morning commute, while you’re walking the dog or doing household chores.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best podcasts specifically to equip people with the skills they need to make their small business a success , featuring tips and inspiration from a number of fantastic sources. We’ve included a link to each podcast so you can start listening today.

1 - FT StartUp Stories

This ten-part series is presented by Jonathan Moules of the Financial Times and features a different startup story each week. Starting your own business can be an overwhelming prospect and Moules puts you at ease, providing expert all-round advice on concept, funding, pricing and marketing to help get your business off the ground. Ideal if you are in need of some inspiration..

2 - Starting From Nothing 

This fantastic podcast from The Foundation offers informal advice and guidance for budding entrepreneurs, tackling the major obstacles people are up against when creating a business. Starting from Nothing emphasises how your mindset can determine success, and how changing your psychology can transform your luck in business.

3 - StartUp

This series by Gimlet Media explores the realities of starting your own business, with each season following a different StartUp. From candid interviews with successful entrepreneurs to tips on how to pick yourself up after a major financial setback, Alex Blumberg’s critically acclaimed podcast asks all the important questions about startups.

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4 - School of Greatness

Bestselling author, entrepreneur and world record holder Lewis Howes created School of Greatness to share the share inspirational stories of the world’s greatest business minds, top athletes and celebrities. Howes is fascinated by people and his humble enthusiasm makes this podcast a delightful listen. Learn what makes great people great - and realise in the process that we all have greatness within us.

5 - Youpreneur.fm

If School of Greatness teaches you about the personality traits to achieve entrepreneurial success, Youpreneur.fm gives you the practical tools for your small business. Think there’s a lot to consider when running your own business? There is - and Youpreneur.fm covers all of it: from launching a product to marketing, organising your accounts and hiring staff. Business coach Chris Ducker gives clear and detailed guidance for guaranteed business success.


So there you have it - the 5 best podcasts for small businesses. Whether you need inspiration, a few practical pointers to finetune your business, or you’re just curious about the business world, there are loads of episodes for you to enjoy - and all free.

Do you know any great podcasts for small businesses? Comment below with your recommendations.

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