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Designing your website involves careful thought and planning, but you may not always know where to begin, how to create the right theme for your brand or how to visualise the perfect look for your business. Take a look behind the scenes as we explore the anatomy of design elements and how you can build the best website - plus a FREE content builder download!

Following the tips and ideas in this blog will help you create the perfect theme for your website. Looking at two of our themes, Cupcake and Calla Lily, you will learn about our design process and how getting this right can really improve the professional look of your site.

Start Thinking Visually

Mood boards are great way to visualise your ideas effectively. Using mood boards help us create a direction for our themes, from doing this the design process is improved.

Start by collecting images which focus around your industry, think about how these images reflect the industry and how they could inspire the design of your theme.

For Cupcake, we collected images of cakes - focussing on all of the detail and what stands out. The colour, shape and form are all elements that influence the start of design process.

From this mood board we saw light pastel tones but still vibrant colours. The shape and form of the icing on the cake was also key to the design, and something we could use in the logo.

Arrange all of your product images on a mood board to see everything laid out together, as we did with Calla Lily. From here you can start to see a look and trend becoming apparent, including the fresh clean tone and pops of colour. This helps to see a colour palette and shapes forming - here to bring the foral, summery theme together.

Logo & Typography

Your logo is arguably one of the most important design elements to your company. This is the face of your company, so getting it right is key. By creating a mood board first, you already have ideas for your brand and this can help the process of creating a logo.

The logo for Cupcake has been heavily inspired by the icing on the cake - light, delicate and simple. The typography chosen for Cupcake is a cursive font as this also wanted to reflect the key elements.

Calla Lily has been designed around a floral concept, perfect for flower arranging, garden designers, painters and so many more. It is elegant and denotes a fresh, clean and summery look throughout.

From the mood board, floral shapes were sketched down to be paired up with a graceful but strong font. The bright green on the mood board is eye catching, so this was paired with a dark tone to ensure the logo stands out.  

To read more on logo design and tips on creating one, check out our blog "How To Design A Logo".

Theme Colours

Having the right colours can really elevate a design, which can have a big impact on your brand.

You'll see here, the colour palette for Cupcake is made up of warm, light tones. These colours have been taken from the paper wrapper, the cake itself and the icing on top.

The colour choices for Calla Lily are fresh summery tones, coming from the stems, leaves and flowers.

To read more to about colour in design see our blog "How to choose the right colours for your brand".

To showcase some of the design choices we have made so far we've created a style board. Having a style board is useful as it helps us see a design come together, and if the over all feel of the brand is working.

Moving Forward

By making all these design choices first, you can now move forward to theming your website. This is just as important as the design as you need to think about how you want your content to be seen. After adding the colours and fonts, next is getting the best use of your content.

Getting this right can be critical as you want to showcase your products and content in the best way. Think about your page - what is the main focus and what do you want users to do? Don’t go overboard and have a miles of text or too many images - this confuses the user and can become messy. The best way to get this right is to have a plan and come up with a few layout ideas to achieve this.


Calla Lily


We hope you have enjoyed reading about our design thoughts and process, and we'd love to hear yours! Please comment below with your tips on how you customised and applied your brand to a template. 

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