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SEO is always evolving and search engines are constantly updating the way they crawl websites for information. Luckily we’ve included some vital points to consider whilst reviewing your website, to ensure you’re always considering how to best optimise your website. 


Capitalise On Keywords

Keywords continue to be an important part of SEO and these need to be constantly maintained and reviewed to keep up in 2016. More often than not, people are now searching 3 to 5 word phrases to get the most accurate results in search engines. As a result, search engines are getting better at interpreting meaning behind these queries in order to best rank their results.

Take the time to review your keywords and really get into the heads of your customers and also your competition. Think about what they might search in Google in order to find your product or service. Perform some competitive analysis of your keywords - compare yourself to similar companies that are ranking highly in your chosen industry. Try shifting your focus from researching individual keywords, to popular terms that your website is targeted towards. 


Mobile Search is Increasing

It is becoming more and more important to make sure your website is optimised for whatever device it is being viewed on, and surprise surprise - search engines have picked up on this too. Due to the ever increasing web searches made on mobile devices, search engines will now rank a website higher if it is mobile friendly. 

At Create all of our new templates are fully responsive and optimised for any device. By using our Pagebuilder pages, you can make doubly sure your website is looking it’s best no matter the screen size.

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Link Building

Another area of your website to give a quick once over are your links. Search engines are better than ever at judging quality over quantity when it comes to your website links. Not only does this mean checking your internal page links and that your website is still easy to navigate, but you should also check that all your external links are active and up to date. Try using Google Webmaster Tools to check the effectiveness of your links and to optimise the visibility of your website to search engines.

As mentioned in our "How To Succeed At SEO" blog - search engines use strong social media links to help them determine the value and relevance of a website. Make sure you’re linking to your social media accounts and promote your content across all these channels. 


Safe And Secure

In order to protect their users, Google are putting more and more importance on safe and secure websites. Google will actually rank pages with an SSL certificate higher than those that don’t - so make it your priority to go secure this Spring! 

At Create, we offer full SSL encryption across your entire website as part of our Website Builder, Shop Builder, Shop Builder Pro and Shop Builder Advanced packages.


Any Questions?

SEO takes time and attention and needs to be constantly nurtured in order keep up with the ever-changing world of search engines. 

Feel free to leave some comments below or get in touch with any other questions.

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