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Whether you’ve been running your website for a while or are just starting out, we’ve got four ways you can ramp up the number of people visiting your site, also known as 'traffic': 



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  • Instagram is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook - 60% of users log in daily, meaning it’s a great tool for your website to get on board with. If you haven’t already made an Instagram account for your business - do it now! And if you have, read on to see how to make the most out of it.

  • Keep all your social media accounts tightly linked. Create makes it easy for you to post your website’s URL in the Instagram bio section and add an Instagram button to your site.

  • Engage with your audience. Create a beautiful Instagram feed to represent your business (such as product images, or behind-the-scenes snaps) and search for popular hashtags to keep yourself relevant.

  • Make your presence known! Having an account with high quality images is the first step, but if you really want to get noticed you need to be part of a visual conversation. Get on Instagram and dedicate some time to marketing your brand. Follow and like similar brands, post comments and seek out similar users in your field to team up with.

  • It’s all about consistency! Dedicate a few minutes each day to maintaining your site’s Instagram - it only takes a few taps on your phone when you’re out and about and it could make all the difference to increasing your site traffic!


Be A Resource 

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  • It’s not just about delivering a great product - to stand out and get more visitors to your site, it’s a good idea to make it a great resource as well! You should include high value content so it can become more than a place for your visitors to spend money.

  • Consider starting a blog with more than just information about your business - include some posts with helpful or entertaining advice your customers might find interesting. E.g. If you’re selling jewellery, you could include a post with tips on the latest jewellery trends. Not only does this extend your reach to new visitors, but it gives your customers that little bit extra.

  • Make yourself available for customer queries on Facebook as well as by email. It’s good to show you’re easy to contact if there are any questions or problems about your product. Facebook has that added layer of informal friendliness and convenience.

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Host a Giveaway or Competition

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  • A well-executed giveaway or competition can really grab people’s attention, grow your email list / increase your social media following - all of which lead to more traffic and sales. It makes your business look fun and generous: regular visitors get excited and new faces will take notice.

  • Decide on an exciting prize - perhaps a ‘limited edition’ set of your products, or some gift vouchers to spend on your site - make sure it’s a good representation of your business and ideals.

  • The easier to join, the better - make it fun and quick. A good way to connect the customer with your business is to ask an easy question that can only be answered by visiting your site (e.g. ‘Where are we based?’ etc.)

  • Make sure you promote it - the prize might be awesome but your audience need to know about it! Consistently promote it via social media, blog posts and emails right up until the end of the contest and make sure you follow through and stay in contact with the winners.


 Quality, Consistency and Patience

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    • Quality
      Bill Gates famously said in 1996: ‘Content is King’ and this is still true today. High quality, original content is always the way to go. If you put the time in and deliver something interesting, helpful and genuinely enjoyable, your site’s traffic will increase.

    • Consistency
      Be organised. Give yourself a regular schedule for blogging, updating your SEO tactics and general site maintenance. Consistently produce up-to-date, quality content and reply to comments and queries promptly and you'll build your reputation as a reliable business.

    • Patience
      Most people don’t have millions of pounds to pump into an advertising campaign and it’ll take time to build up the regular traffic to your site, but don’t lose heart! Put energy into producing high quality content and your site will be a success!

Let us know if you implement any of these tips and what successes or learnings you might have gained.

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