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There are loads of tools on the web that could help you understand your business and industry more, and give you the knowledge to implement a beneficial strategy.

Sure, some are paid-for servces, and some of those can be very costly, but there is also a ton of completely free services that could put you in the picture. Below we take a look at several free online data analysis tools to help you with content strategy, audience analysis and keywords. 

Search for research with Google Public Data Engine

This engine collects vast swathes of data from the immense resources at its disposal on the web and makes it available for the public to search with ease. You can use data found through this engine to create a press release that's relevant to your business, or other content such as infographics or 'did you know' style factoids to share with your audience.

Discover stats and reports with Zanran

Zanran performs a similar function to the Google Public Data Engine mentioned above, but as it's a completely independent operation it's far less biased. Try out both Zanran and Google Public Data Engine when you want to find data about your customer type or your industry and see which one works best for you.

Gather more useful website visitor analytics with Google Analytics Custom Reports

These reports take the powerful Google Analytics tool a bit further. These bespoke reports, gathered by Econsultancy, are easy to use and allow you to take shortcuts to valuable data about your website that's already being collected by Google Analytics (such as 'Time of day report for ecommerce' and 'Keyword analysis').

Find your ultimate keywords with Ubersuggest

This is a free keyword suggestion tool that uses Google Suggest and other suggest services to build a list of helpful keywords for you to consider including on your site and in your product descriptions. It bases results on the most popular search terms associated with your keyword, so you can see exactly what people are searching for and work out how to fit in with those searches.

What tools do you use to learn about your industry and audience? Do you pay for any data services? Have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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