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They're easy to forget to do in the excitement of getting your site on the web, but they'll make a huge difference to your site and how your visitors use it.

  1. Check all internal and external links are functioning properly by opening up your preview and clicking everything in site.
  2. Have someone proofread your website for spelling and grammar mistakes. These errors make your site look unprofessional, lead to customer distrust of your business and can be easily avoided.
  3. Make sure your contact details are all correct, especially your email address. Turn the text into a link by linking it to ‘mailto: your@email.address’ to make contacting you even easier for your visitors.
  4. Test your email contact forms by sending your website a couple of test emails.
  5. Ask a friend, family member to navigate through the preview version of your site. If possible, sit with them as they move around the site. This will highlight any instances in which users might get lost or not find what they're looking for on your site. You can then use this information to improve your site's navigation by moving pages and links to the most effective positions.
  6. If you're trading online, make sure your physical business address is displayed on your site somewhere, as this is a requirement of the UK’s Consumer Contracts Regulations.
  7. Double check your Terms & Conditions are exactly how you want them to be. Include all the right information and make sure you cover all the bases such as returns, postage costs and so on.
  8. Test your website in different web browsers to make sure it functions exactly how you would like it to and all the content is in the correct places. The four mostly frequently used browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
  9. If you have more than one domain name registered with your Create account make sure that all Secondary domain names are pointing to your Primary domain name.
  10. Make sure there is no HTML code on display on your site that shouldn’t be there. This can happen if HTML tags are not closed properly or are put in the wrong place. Contact your Create Customer Account Manager if you find some and aren't sure how to remove it.
  11. If you have an online shop, check your payment gateways are functioning correctly by sending through a couple of test orders. This will also give you a chance to get familiar with Create's feature-packed Order Management system.*
  12. It’s important to keep re-evaluating your website and your customers’ needs. Once you’ve published your site, post the URL of your home page in the ‘Website Review’ board of the Create Community Forum to get detailed feedback from experienced Create members.

 If you have you got any tips for someone publishing their site for the first time then please leave them in the comments below!

*Order Management is available on the Shop Builder, Shop Builder Pro and Shop Builder Advanced packages.

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