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10 Ways To Promote Your Business With CreateAs well as providing you with the website platform for your business, we think it's really important to try to work with you to help boost your website and involve you in our campaigns. Here are 10 things you can do with Create that you may not be aware of.

Have you seen something here that you are interested in? There's no time like the present so get in touch! Or perhaps you have other suggestions for ways to get involved? Let us know in the comments section below.  


1. Be prepared!

There are a few things we are likely to ask you for if you would like to contribute so it helps to have these things prepared beforehand as the quicker you can reply the more likely it is that you will make our shortlist.

These items will generally be very useful to you when it comes to promoting your business (you might want to put them on your About page and in press releases).

Firstly, some great photos. You will need a clear, well-lit profile photo of yourself. Don't forget to smile, it makes you look approachable and friendly to potential customers. It's also good to have a photo of yourself "at work", in your element, as it were. You should have a short blurb about yourself, your business and what you do, plus anything that makes you special, such as awards, achievements or something particularly interesting about your journey.


2. Respond via our newsletter when we call-out for contributors.

Sometimes we put out a shout-out for customers to get involved with campaigns, competitions and other fun stuff. To stay in the loop make sure that the email associated with your account is correct and that we are on your safe list. Your perfect opportunity may be in our latest newsletter but you won't know if it's sitting in your junk folder!

3. Respond via our social media when we call-out for contributors.

You can find us on a range of social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. We are most likely to put a shout-out for contributors on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts so if you want to hear about these updates, follow our accounts. 


4. Get featured in our weekly #FreebieFriday competition.

Every week we run our #FreebieFriday competition, where an item from a different Create shop each week is provided as the prize for our social media followers. It's a great opportunity to gain some additional exposure for your products and website and engage with hundreds of potential new customers every week!


6. Be featured in a press article that Create releases.

Have you followed us on Twitter and Facebook? Are you signed up to and regularly reading the Create newsletter and checking out the Forum? Great! Now keep your eyes peeled for contributor shout-outs as it could mean getting featured in one of our press releases and getting promotion for your business. We almost always need a really good photo of you to accompany this type of contribution as that helps the article to get picked up by news outlets. 


7. Send us your PR stories so we can help with promotion where appropriate.

Are you releasing some interesting news? Pop us your press release at press@create.net and we will help where we can to promote it. Sometimes there are opportunities for joint promotion so we like to keep in touch with what you are up to.


8. Tell us that you have received an award so we can help spread the news.

If you have won an award we want to hear about it! We can spread the news as well as giving you a nice pat on the back. Your achievement will be an inspiration to others in the Create Community so email us with details at press@create.net.


9. Get featured in blogs and infographics that Create releases.

Check out some of our case studies that Create has released in the past, where members of the Create Community have shared their wisdom. This could be you! To get featured keep your eyes peeled for contributor requests. Sometimes we will ask a question on social media and we get such great responses that we make them into a handy infographic, so for a chance to be involved let us hear your opinions on the subject!


10. Share your products with us on social media and ask for them to be added to our relevant Pinterest boards.

Check out our Pinterest boards to see where your products could be featured. Send us a link to your product on your Create website via our Facebook page or tweet your link to @create! Throughout the year we will focus on special events which we will tell you about in our blog, newsletter and on social media.

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