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We have asked 10 inspiring Mothers who are also Create customers, to share with us some of their tips for balancing work and parenthood effectively. It can be a challenging task, as so often both areas of life demand more time than there is in a day.

Many parents find that working for themselves and running their own online business is not only an empowering and profitable activity but a great way of being around for their children more, and Business Mum Week (1st-7th Oct) is a great way to celebrate this!

Take a look at their tips below and let us know of any tips you have that others may find useful in the comments below :)


'10 Top Tips From Business Mums On  Achieving That Crucial Work/Family Balance' #infographic #bmw13

'Tips From 10 Business Mums'.

Thanks to all the business mums who told us their stories.


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