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You might not be able to foresee the quality of the turkey, the reliability of the post or the vagueries of the weather this Christmas, but you can prepare your online business for Christmas early, leaving you time to get on with the card list and deciding which Quality Street to eat all of before anyone notices.

Below are our ten top tips for making the most out of Christmas, a time when online spending is up and the perfect opportunity to grab a load of new customers for the new year.

  1. Prepare early.  Even those of us without businesses to run have 1,001 things to plan and consider before Christmas, so take the stress out of that final lap by preparing now.
  2. Give yourself a goal.  Take a look at your shop's sales figures for last Christmas and decide you want to beat them. What could you do better this year? More promotion? More stock? Plan how you're going to hit your target and stick to the plan.
  3. Check out the competition.  Type your preferred search keywords into the web and take a look at what your competitors are up to. You might get some inspiration for your own Christmas business plan.
  4. Run a Christmas Sale.  Use Create's Shop Sale feature to apply percentage or cost reductions to your products, then wow your customers with a gorgeous new home page showcasing the sale and its most popular products.
  5. Get festive!  We've designed custom buttons, wallpapers and Shop Sale banners that you can use to really show you went the extra mile to make your site Christmas-friendly. Alternatively, you could design and upload a wintry version of your logo to fit with the season!
  6. Get ready for 2014.  While you're setting up your Christmas Sale, why not prepare your January sale at the same time*? Once it's all set up, all you need to remember to do after your New Year's Eve celebrations is to log in to Create and turn the sale 'On'!
  7. Boost your SEO.  Take some time to ensure you're doing everything you can to get the best SEO for your site. Check out our blog posts and SEO guides for tips on getting your site to the top of the tree this Christmas.
  8. Find out what others think.  So you've made some seasonal updates to your site and you're ready to share it with the world - great. Now, post a link to it in the Create Community Forum's 'Website Review' board and get feedback from likeminded business owners.
  9. Sell through multiple channels. Make sure you're selling through as many outlets as possible to maximise exposure and profit. Integrate your Create shop with eBay and Facebook with ease.
  10. Sing it to the world!  Schedule tweets, prepare Facebook posts and competitions, consider a bit of online advertising and, if you have permission from your customer base, send them a Christmas newsletter! Use every avenue available to you to get your site the attention it deserves.


These are just the tips of the iceberg, though. Every business's experiences of Christmas are different. Share your Christmas tips in the comments below!

*Multiple shop sales available on the Shop Builder Pro and Shop Builder Advanced packages.

If you want to make the most of Christmas this year, make sure you launch your online shop now and start building that customer base in plenty of time to get the sales you deserve! If you haven't already, subscribe to Create and publish your online shop!

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