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Posted By Rebecca Kimber

These tips on creating a successful online shop were originally published in the Business Mum's Journal. Enjoy! Have tips of your own? Let us know on Twitter @create!

  • Create a great first impression -  Visitors will decide within just seconds whether they'll like your business or service simply from the way your website looks. Having a professional-looking logo, design and complementary colour scheme are vital in building trust with your customers.

  • Be easy to contact - Clearly display a link to your contact page on your main menu or ensure there is an easy to reach link on each of your pages. If you want customers to be able to contact you by phone, look at including your phone number in prominent areas of your website.

  • Easy navigation -  Remember the '3 click rule'.  Nobody wants to spend ages trying to find what they need. Aim to make your information or products easy to reach (within 3 clicks) from your website's home page.

  • Organise your shop -  If you are selling products then make sure they are displayed in relevant categories that make it as easy as possible for customers to find. Also consider adding products to more than one category to make sure they are covered.

  • Add a search facility -  Make it easy for your visitors to find the product they are looking for simply by typing in a product name or keyword!

  • Don't overload your pages with information - It's important to keep your content clear and concise. Reading lots of text on a screen can be tiresome, so instead stick to short paragraphs and images and break up larger text content onto further pages if you need to.

  • Advertise your offers and what's new - Add special offers or new products on your home page. Remember this is usually the first page your visitors come to and where you really want to sell your service and what you are offering!

  • Picture perfect - Use images wherever possible. Not only do they add colour and interest to your pages they can also provide much more information about a place or product than words. Customers want to be able to see what they are buying before they make a purchase.

  • How can customers pay? - Display your accepted payment types clearly on your website. Well-known and trusted payment providers will assure customers that it is safe to place an order with you.

  • What are your policies? - Clearly display delivery charges and a returns policy for customers to look at before they place their order. Having clear policies will give your customer assurance that you are a fair company and will encourage them to place an order with you.

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