Sam Butler, Operations Manager at

Sam Butler

Operations Manager

Hey, I’m Sam! I’m Operations Manager at Create.

Part of my role is looking after our incredible Account Managers so from time to time, you may have spoken to me when I’ve helped out with some of your queries. However, most of my work is behind the scenes; looking after the financial side of Create, helping with the company strategy, organising social events and birthday treats for the team.

I also ensure that Create is compliant with any new legislation coming out, whether this be data protection related, VAT Changes or anything in between, or advising on potential features that we can develop to help our customers also comply.

My background is in Customer Service and Compliance so my current role is a great hybrid of the two. I have a real interest in the analytical side of things, so I do end up deep in spreadsheets a lot of the time and to everyone’s shock, I do actually enjoy it.

Outside of Create, you can probably find me doing one of two things; either eating or exercising (cliché, I know). I have a love for all things food; documentaries (particularly anything featuring the late Anthony Bourdain), chef’s memoirs, YouTube tutorials and of course, plenty of eating! I’ve started to cook a lot more since the start of lockdown, but I’m now glad to be able to go out again to support the amazing, independent restaurants that we have in Brighton.

Exercise and sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember (probably to counterbalance all the eating I do). I’ve played a variety of sports since a young age, with a real passion for football and cricket. If I’m not watching or playing sport, you can find me in the gym or doing a workout at the picturesque Sea Lanes area in Brighton.

I’ve been working at Create for a little over 4 years and I love working here. The nature of a small business means that my role has so much variety, allowing me to continually develop my existing skills and learn new ones, along with the added benefit of never being bored! We also have such a fantastic team and for me, they’re the main reason why we’re able to achieve so much as a small business, helping as many people as we can succeed on their journey.

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