Eyvi Barðason, Technical Support Engineer at

Eyvi Barðason

Technical Support Engineer

Hi, my name is Eyvindur Örn, though most people know me as Eyvi. I’m Create’s QA agent and technical engineer, which means when the developers and designers bring us some new features, I try my best to break them before we deliver them to you. I’ll also be behind the scenes helping Ian and Adam figure out the more challenging issues and helping to get fixes out the door and to you.

I’ve been working for Create for three years this week. I started almost immediately after coming to the UK to support my girlfriend during her PhD studies. Before that, back in Iceland, I mostly worked IT tech jobs, making a career out of my knack for fixing computer issues and with Create I’ve gotten to continue that.

In my spare time, I mostly turn my love of storytelling and fantasy into Dungeon and Dragons adventures for my friends. From a young age, I’ve always loved stories, from the Icelandic Sagas my grandmother recited to me to the countless fiction tales I read myself. The realm of fantasy has always fascinated me. This hobby of mine manages to capture most of what I love about storytelling and allows me to share that with my friends. I also thoroughly enjoy cooking and when the weather allows mountain hiking and general wilderness wanderings.

Create has been a fantastic employer for these last three years. Not only do they share a lot of the same values as I do, with their focus on environmental issues being the one that resonates with me the most, but their response to this weird time we’ve all gone through and the focus on people has really shown me that they practice what they preach.

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