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5 Tips for a Healthy Home Workstation

5 Tips for Setting up a Healthy Home Workstation

Whether for convenience, financial or environmental reasons, many small-business owners are choosing to set up a workspace at home. Enterprise Nation reported in 2014 that one in 10 domestic properties are now home to at least 1 business and they contribute £300 billion to the British economy.*

And as people spend more and more hours in their home offices, it’s important that they are set up correctly.


Craft a Creative Business

Earlier this month a copy of Craft a Creative Business arrived at our offices. It’s a new book by business expert and founder of The Sewing Directory, Fiona Pullen, and is jam packed full of useful information and advice on everything from improving your search engine ranking, to taking amazing photos.

I caught up with Fiona this week to find out how the book came about and to get her top tips on becoming an author.


Free Social Icons for Facebook, Twitter and More!

Free Social Media Icons
Active on Social Media? Want to tell your customers where you are? We've put together a new set of social icons for you to use on your website.

Grab the icons you need for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, Instagram, Youtube and a very special Create one below and add them to your website.


Royal Mail's Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2014

Royal Mail's Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2014

63% of online shoppers don’t switch into shopping mode until 2-4 weeks before the big day and Christmas is drawing closer at a rapid speed. We've compiled a handy guide to Royal Mail's last posting dates to help you ensure your customers get their deliveries before Christmas.

If you haven't already, why not add the last dates your customers can order and receive their goods in time for Christmas Day? It's a great way to help them make informed buying decisions and for you to handle expectations.

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