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What Is SEO And Why Does It Matter?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO – is an important part of any website and something you should be actively thinking about. SEO helps your customers and users find your site and can help you build a greater audience.

But what is SEO, why does it matter and how do you go about improving it? This blog will focus on introducing you to the topic, explaining exactly how search engines work and preparing you for the next steps of working on your SEO.


The Crafter's Guide To Taking Great Photos

Blog banner on The Crafter's Guide To Taking Great Photos

We recently had the pleasure of reading a great book from author Heidi Adnum. "The Crafter's Guide To Taking Great Photos" offers an abundance of fantastic tips for taking fabulous photographs and making sure your products "Shine Online".


Spring Clean Your Website

Spring Clean Your Website including SEO tips, Responsive design, Shop Sale and much more

We are now officially in the season of Spring, and with this comes spring cleaning! Giving your life, home or workplace a refresh can really prepare you for the months ahead.


Understanding Google's Mobile Usability Issues

The way people browse the web is in a state of constant change. More and more people are browsing webpages on mobile devices, with 2014 seeing over 50% of ecommerce transactions occurring on mobile.

This change has seen a growing importance being placed on providing mobile-friendly experiences, something which search engines are now increasing their emphasis on. Recently Google alerted all Webmasters account holders as to whether or not their sites were mobile-friendly. Understandably this has generated a lot of questions so we’ll answer some of these for you.

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