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Introducing the New Design Studio and Mobile Friendly Templates

We're delighted to announce the launch of our all new Design Studio today. Along with a brand new set of tools to create the look you want, the Design Studio includes a raft of fantastic mobile friendly, responsive templates for you to choose from. Over the last week we've been gradually making the Design Studio available for current customers to switch to and, as a continuation of this rollout, if you are currently using Create's FREE trial you now also have the opportunity to switch over. We've been super excited to see some of the fantastic new looks being created, here's a few that caught our eye - we hope you find them an inspiration!

A Special Message from Create's Founders

Tips for achieving a work life balance

Tips for achieving a better work-life balance

In this era of long hours spent on the computer, email on every mobile, and bosses that expect an immediate response no matter the time of day, there is no better time to be mindful of your own (hopefully) well-calibrated work/life balance. This is especially important for all you small business owners out there, putting in even more hours outside of the regular 9-5 in order to keep your own efforts thriving!
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New: Improved eBay integration with Create

Selling on eBay in addition to selling on your website has always been a great way to boost sales and expand your customer base. Now, with our new and improved eBay integration it's never been quicker or easier to link your Create website to your eBay shop.
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